New Rapper stars IRON, Olltii, Giriboy and C Jamm impress with new hip hop tracks

Rappers IRON Olltii Giriboy and C Jamm

The star rappers that shined in the hip hop show ‘Show Me The Money 3’ impress with their new released tracks.

This rappers have one thing in common – talent. New rapper IRON impressed with his unique voice, strong lyrics and rapping in ‘SMTM3’. Olltii is an underground rapper and freestyler, who gained much attention in ‘SMTM3’ with his cool dissing rap. Giriboy and C Jamm are well-known rappers from the underground scene and are signed under rapper Swings music label, but it was also ‘SMTM3’ that gained them much attention from the general public. Their new released hip hop tracks impress, so check them out.

Listen to the tracks below.

IRON – Blu

Olltii – Oll’Skool

Giriboy – Take Care of You

C Jamm – Royal Roader


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