‘Show Me The Money 4’ heats-up in ’60s Rap Round’

SMTM 4 60 s Rap Round WINNER Song Mino

Show Me The Money 4‘ is heating up, with an intense 2nd round of auditions, ‘60s Rap Round’.

Round two brings up the game, as contestants MONSTA X‘s Jooheon, WINNER‘s Song Mino, 1Punch‘s ONE, Black Nut, Basick, AndUp, Lil Boi, Microdot, Super BPhantom‘s, Hanhae and Yang Hong Won heated up the stage with some fierce lines, stage presence and impressive rap skills.

Check them out below.


’60s Rap Round’ MONSTA X‘s Jooheon

’60s Rap Round’ WINNER‘s Song Mino

’60s Rap Round’ 1Punch‘s ONE

’60s Rap Round’ Black Nut

’60s Rap Round’ Basick

’60s Rap Round’ Lil Boy

’60s Rap Round’ Microdot

’60s Rap Round’ Phantom’s, Hanhae


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