Tao announces solo album, a step away from leaving EXO

tao solo album

It seems EXO has now officially went down another member, leaving them as a 9-member group, after news about Tao‘s upcoming solo debut album in China.

EXO become one of the most popular K-Pop groups right after debut in 2012, so it came as a shock at how quickly members are leaving. First it was Kris (Wu Yi Fan), followed by Luhan last year, and now Tao marks the third Chinese member to leave.

One of my favourite bloggers Koala responded at the news with a unique post, that made me sincerely laugh, so I decided to share it.  She gives analogy of the three members that left EXO with the typical different ways guys break up a relationship.

EXO Kris Luhan Tao

”Kris’s breakup is the guy who disappears for a week “to be alone” and then returns to show up at your door in the middle of the night with a very important thing to say, which is he wants to break up..”

”Luhan’s breakup is totally the “it’s not you, it’s me” method, where he feels terrible and really wish it didn’t have to come to this.. it wasn’t meant to be forever but it was wonderful however long it lasted..”

‘Tao’s departure from EXO is like a boyfriend who breaks up by just not confirming anything while letting actions speak for itself.. and  you are forced to admit it’s over when you get invited to his wedding..”

Please read the full post at: Koalasplayground


2 thoughts on “Tao announces solo album, a step away from leaving EXO

  1. Hahha thanks for sharing.. This is the funniest thing I’ve read, perfect way to start my day in a good mood!
    (Koala is awesome!)

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