WINNER’s Mino criticized for controversial lyrics on ‘Show Me The Money 4’


WINNER‘s Song Mino is currently in the headlines, criticised for his rap lyrics on ‘Show Me The Money 4‘.

In round 3 of ‘SMTM 4’, Mino’s rap lyrics line “Mino targets all the daughters, spread (your legs) like you’re at the gynecologist.” caused some viewers to get upset and the Korean outlet TV Daily to scrutinize the rappers use of sexual imagery and misogynist lyrics. Mino has come forth and apologized though post on WINNER’s official Facebook.

But it seems the ‘Korean Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists‘, have taken an offense asking for an official, formal apology stating, ”Not only did the lyrics sexually humiliate all women of Korea, but it also defamed Korean women’s health, as well as the 4000 obstetrics and gynecology doctors registered in our association… Song Min Ho wrote his personal statement through SNS and it’s difficult to accept that as an official apology.” 

UPDATE: Through a press release KAOG stated, that Mnet, YG Entertainment and Song Mino have each sent a letter of apology to the association, as well as going to visit to apologize in person.

Mino’s Rap in Round 3

You can read the full translated lyrics here: minoalways

What do you think of this whole situation? Is it’ being blown out of proportion?


2 thoughts on “WINNER’s Mino criticized for controversial lyrics on ‘Show Me The Money 4’

  1. Don’t understand how this can become such a big issue! It was one line and it was in rap, rap music isn’t sweet, it’s more vulgar…

  2. Completely blown out of proportion, Mino’s line wasn’t even THAT much vulgar..Yet no one seems to comment on Black Nuts 2 paragraphs rap lyrics regarding rape and killing!

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