K-Drama Casting Rumors: Moon Chae Won, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Hyun Woo

Moon Chae Won Lee Jung Suk Lee Hyun Woo Casting Rumours

There are some interesting K-drama casting rumours circling around lately, that would be nice to pan out.

Moon Chae Won is rumoured to be in talks for the KBS drama “I Live Alone“, which will air in late fall following the drama Taming Mother-in-law”.  Another big rumour is that Lee Jong Suk is positively considering the MBC humanistic mystery thriller drama “Saver“, which will air in early 2016.

2PM Nichkhun

In the meantime, casting has officially started for the upcoming KBS drama “Murim School“, slated for early 2016, with rising young actor Lee Hyun Woo in talks for the male lead, and 2PM‘s Nichkhun for a supportive role.

Moon Chae Won’s latest works were the rom-com movie “Love Forecast“, and dramas ‘The Innocent Man” and “Good Doctor“; Lee Jong Suk played in the hit dramas “School 2013” and “Pinnoochio“, while Lee Hyun Woo showed his talent in dramas “God of Study” and “To the Beautiful You“.

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE:  There were rumours that Moon Chae Won is in talks for ‘I Live Alone’, but it looks like it’s a different Moon the production has ended up in serious talks with, as news came that Moon Geun Young has been offered the female lead. Reportedly Kang Ji Hwan has been offered the male lead, and Jeon Hye Bin has already accepted the second female lead.

LATEST UPDATE: Just two days after  the news that Kang Ji Hwan and Moon Geun Young are in talks for KBS rom-com ‘I Live Alone‘, the network released an official media statement that the entire drama is being scrapped,  and the production is considering  to go with something else.


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