‘She Was Pretty’ confirms leads Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Go Jun Hee and Super Junior’s Siwon

She Was Pretty cast Hwang Jung Eum Park Seo Joon Goo Joon Hee Siwon

Upcoming MBC drama ‘She Was Pretty‘ is shaping up good with confirmed four leads Park Seo Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Go Jun Hee and Super Junior‘s Siwon.

‘She Was Pretty’ is a romantic comedy about two past acquaintances who meet again after their fates has been changed. Hwang Jung Eum’s character Kim Hye-Jin, was a rich pretty girl, but after her family went bankrupt she lost her beauty too. Park Seo Joon’s character Ji Sung-Joon, was a chubby boy with low self-esteem, who grows up a model-like handsome man and successful editor.

Go Jun Hee plays Min Ha-Ri, Kim Hye-Jin’s best friend. Things get complicated when Kim Hye-Jin asks Min Ha-Ri to pretend to be her to meet Ji Sung-Joon.  Siwon plays a cheeky free-spirited top magazine editor, who unexpectedly becomes friends with Kim Hey-Jin’s adult ugly duckling and later falls for her.

The drama will reunite Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon after their great chemistry in ‘Kill Me Heal Me‘ earlier this year.

‘She Was Pretty’ is set to air on September 16th.


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