BIGBANG released last tracks ‘Let’s Not Love’ and ‘Zutter’

BIGBANG part 'E' of MADE Series

BIGBANG returns with tracks ‘Let’s Not Love‘ and ‘Zutter‘, for part ‘E’ of the MADE Series.

The tracks are the last release from the MADE series, and were well worth the wait. ‘Let’s Not Love’ is an amazing sentimental track, while ‘Zutter’ (translated ‘Freaking Awesome’) marks GD&TOP sub-unit’s long-awaited comeback.

Both songs achieved an all-kill on several music charts just a few hours after their release, thus officially making all songs from ‘MADE’ album to have topped charts or landed in Top 5. BIGBANG sets a new record as the first group to achieve that.

Check them out below.


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