‘Show Me The Money 4’ team tracks ‘Respect’, ‘Turtle Boat’, ‘My Zone’ and ‘OG’ top music charts

SMTM 4 Respect Turtle Boat My Zone OG

The latest tracks from Mnet‘s hip hop show ‘Show Me The Money 4‘ are charting high on music charts.

The last mission on ‘SMTM 4’ ‘Official Song Mission’ got each team to create an original team track. Team AOMG (Jay Park and LOCO) Sik-K, Lil Boi and Geegooin‘s team track “Respect” and Team YG (Tablo and Jinusean) Innovator, Incredible and Super Bee‘s team track “OG (Be Original)” charted high on music charts.

On the other hand, Team ZiPal (Zico and PALOALTO) Song Min Ho (Mino), Ja Mezz, and AndUp‘s team track “Turtle Boat” and Team Brand New Music (San E and Verbal Jint) Microdot, Basick, and Black Nut‘s team track “My Zone” topped a few music charts Naver, Olleh Music, Soribada, Mnet and Genie.

Check them out below.



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