Moon Chae Won offered lead role in SBS revenge drama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’

Moon Chae Won Mr Back

Moon Chae Won could make a drama return, as she’s currently reviewing a casting offer to upcoming SBS drama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black‘.

Moon Chae Won has been offered the female lead role for the recently announced manhwa-adapted thriller melodrama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’. The manhwa is based on ‘The Count of Monte Cristo‘, and the story is about a young man who is betrayed by his friend and lover, accused of a crime he didn’t commit and sent away, who later returns with a new identity for a revenge.

Moon Chae Won’s female lead character Swanee wouldn’t be the hero’s former lover, but one of the friends he makes while sent away. Swanee is described as tough and determined, and she will return with him (and another friend) to help him get revenge and deliver some justice.

‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ is set to première in December.


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