Listen to K-Pop and your idols’ playlists with BEAT app

K-Pop streaming app BEAT

The Beatpacking Company‘ released ‘BEAT‘ app, with which you can stream your favourite K-Pop songs for FREE.

The ‘BEAT’ app offers more than twenty channels or pre-created playlists by genre, mood and even whether, as well as the option to create your own personalized playlists, ‘Starred Channels’, from you favourite tracks. A unique aspect of the app are the DJ channels, where you can listen to the songs your favourite artists currently enjoy.

BEAT app K-Pop & DJ channels

The ‘BEAT’ exclusive celebrity DJ channels include 2NE1‘s DaraCN Blue‘s Yonghwa, members of WINNER, and even more who will add their shared playlists. The app also has a ‘sleep timer’, to set the app to shut off automatically after a specific time (perfect if you like falling asleep to music), as well as wake up alarm with a playlist of your choice.

Since May 2015, ‘BEAT’ is available in Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, U.K. and Vietnam. More countries will be available soon.

BEAT app K-Pop Playlists


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