North Korea fires at South Korea near DMZ, military on highest alert

north-south-korea trade artillery fire

Tensions rise as North and South Korea exchange artillery fire beside the DMZ zone.

South Korea fired artillery rounds toward North Korea, after the North launched shells towards the South in protest of Seouls’s anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts along the border.

North Korea did not return fire, but warned Seoul that they would take military action if the South did not stop the anti-Pyongyang loudspeaker broadcasts within 48 hours. In a letter, Pyongyang said it considers the broadcasts a declaration of war but it is willing to resolve the conflict. A South Korean military official said the broadcasts would continue.

Seoul resumed its propaganda broadcasts across the Demilitarised Zone after an 11-year break after two South Korean soldiers were seriously injured by landlines near the DMZ. Seoul has accused the North of planting the mine, but Pyongyang denies being involved.

Currently South Korea’s military is on its highest alert level.

Source: CNN


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