Disaster drama ‘D-Day’ drops character stills and describtion

D-Day cast leads

jTBC’s upcoming disaster drama “D-Day” dropped the leads characters stills and descriptions.

“D-Day” focuses on the members of a disaster medical team who rescue and treat victims during the chaos that follows an earthquake in Seoul. Kim Young Kwang plays surgeon Lee, who will do anthing to save lives ignoring the rules, while Ha Suk Jin plays Dr. Han, Lee’s surgery supervisor at the hospital, who doesn’t allow room for failure or taking risks, which puts them in conflict.

Jung So Min plays an orthopedic surgeon, Kim Jung Hwa plays psychiatrist, who specializes in trauma treatment, while INFINITE‘s Lee Sung Yeol and Kim Hye Eun play fellow rescue doctors. Lee Kyung Young takes the role of the hospital director, while Kim Sang Ho is a firefighter and Yoon Joo Hee an emergency services nurse.

“D-Day” will air on 18th September at 8:40pm.

“D-Day” Character Stills:

D-Day Kim Yeong Kwang stills D-Day Ha Seok Jin stillsD-Day Jung So Min stills D-Day Kim Jung-Hwa Lee Sung-Yeol stills D-Day Kim Hye-eun stills


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