Moon Geun Young & Sungjae confirmed as leads of ‘The Village’, Kim Jae Wook out

The Village - Achiara's Secret leads Moon Geun Young and Sunjae

Moon Geun Young and BTOB‘s Sungjae are confirmed as the leads of upcoming SBS mystery drama “The Village“.

Sunjae is taking his first leading role, after he won fans hearts as the second lead in hit drama ‘School 2015’, and he will play opposite Baeksang Best Actress winner Moon Geun Young. An interesting combination for the mystery thriller drama.

Sunjae plays the village newbie police officer while Moon Geun Young plays an English teacher newly arrived at the mysterious village Achiara. After discovering a dead body, the two partner up to unravel the mysteries of the village and her missing ‘memories’.

“The Village” is forming a formidable cast with Moon Geun Young, Sungjae, Kim Jae WookLee Yeol EumKim Min Jae, Shin Eun Kyung, Jeong Seong Mo, On Joo Wan and Jang Hee Jin.

The Village Kim Jae Wook Lee Yeol Eum Kim Min JaeThe Village Shin Eun Kyung Jeong Seong MoThe Village On Joo Wan Jang Hee Jin

UPDATE: Reportedly (still not officially confirmed) Kim Jae Wook and same agency actress Jang Hee Jin has both ultimately declined the roles offered to them in “The Village”. His role, which apparently has also undergone some changes, and will now have a love line with an older woman in the drama, will be played instead by Park Eun Seok.

the-village-kim-jae-wook-Jang Hee Jin Park Eun Seok

The Village” will première on October 14th.


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