‘She Was Pretty’ drops pretty poster and character stills

She Was Pretty poster

The publicity for upcoming MBC drama “She Was Pretty” is almost going under the radar, but the released materials are hyping up the excitement.

The production has released pretty drama posters and character stills. In the first stills Park Seo Joon’s charisma and dignified air is in contrast to the first stills of second male lead Choi Siwon, who shows his goofy comedic side. Meanwhile second female lead Goo Joon Hee is rocking the short-hair style and looking pretty. It seems the drama is saving leading lady Hwang Jung Eum for last.

“She Was Pretty” will premiere on September 16th.

She Was Pretty Park Seo Joon stills she-was-pretty-choi-siwon She Was Pretty Go Joon Hee stills


2 thoughts on “‘She Was Pretty’ drops pretty poster and character stills

  1. Can’t wait either! šŸ˜€ The main leads’ chemistry shone in Kill Me, Heal Me and it will shine here differently as well, so looking forward to it! Hwang Jung Eum is simply ā¤ I can never get enough of her no matter what some others may say! šŸ˜€ "It seems the drama is saving leading lady Hwang Jung Eum for last." It's a sweet torment for me! I don't know why, but i always fall on Jung Eum and Seo Joon quite a lot lately and it's more than awesome! Go Joon Hee looks SO cute too, so it's a win-win situation for me, will watch her in Chuno "soon" šŸ˜€ I am really harsh with idols turned actors, they always have the backup of their fangirls no matter what, even when they do nothing, and since it will be the first time i will be seeing Shi Won in a drama (the others he played in didn't attract me to start them in the first place) i will keep an extra eye on him and something tells me he will be good to say the least. Once an idol turned actor impresses me i'm more than positive though and recognize the efforts, all that remains is do a good job on screen! šŸ™‚

  2. Your long comment made me so happy!
    I absolute agree with you, loved their sizzling chemistry in ‘KMHM’ and I am so happy that they are playing a couple so soon (wanted to see them as one ever since then). I like all the cast, I think they will match well for the funny, silly goofy comedy rom-com story.
    I can tell that waiting for each episode will be a sweet torture but I am happy I have you to share it with. ^^
    P.S. Check out the new stills of Hwang Jung Eum and the drama preview.. You’ll love it!

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