“She Was Pretty” drops fun and insanily cute 4th teaser

She Was Pretty drama stills

Upcoming drama “She Was Pretty” dropped 4th drama teaser filled with insanity, cuteness and fun.

“She Was Pretty” premières next week but with each new released character stills and teasers the anticipation is sky-rocketing! Even the behind-the-scenes stills of the two lead ladies add to the excitement and it would be interesting to watch the dynamics of the friendships.

In the drama their relationship will become complicated when Go Joon Hee‘s Ah Ma Ri falls for Seo Joon‘s character Ji Sung Joon, who is the first love of Hwang Jing Eum‘s Kim Hye Jin, after pretending to be her. Choi Siwon’s Kim Shin Hyuk will bring even more comedy and twist to the story.

“She Was Pretty” premieres on 16th September.

“She Was Pretty” 4th teaser:

“She Was Pretty” behind the scenes stills:She was pretty Hwang Jung Eum Go Joon HeeShe was pretty - Hwang Jung Eum Go Joon Hee


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