‘She Was Pretty’ releases final 6-minute long preview

She Was Pretty Hwang Jung Eum still

The much-anticipated drama “She Was Pretty” drops 6-minute long preview.

The story in the preview is told from our female protagonist point of view, about the pretty sad semi-reunion with her childhood first love, wrapped in crazy and hilarious clumsiness as well as comedy situations.

I guess it would be easy for viewers to root for ugly duck Hwang Jung Eum to find her happy ending, while watching how Park Seo Joon‘s interactions with her before and after he finds out her true identity (Hye Jin, his first love). It appears (hopefully) that the two second leads Choi Siwon and Go Joon Hee will have their own love line, which would be a welcome trajectory than the overdone love triangles.

“She Was Pretty” airs tomorrow, September 16th at  21:55 KST.

‘She Was Pretty’ long preview:

‘She Was Pretty’ character stills:

She Was Pretty leads stills She Was Pretty Go Joon Hee stills She Was Pretty Choi Siwon stills


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