‘She Was Pretty’: Episode 1 Review/First Impressions

She Was Pretty ep 1 review

After all the teasing, “She Was Pretty” starts off strong with great first episode. The episode impresses with perfect balance between laying the foundations of the storyline, mixing it with enough, but not too much, silly and comedy situations.

The drama introduces us to the four lead characters, who have their own quirks that make you love them all. Thankfully, the drama isn’t following the standard package of sweet OTP couple, cool second male lead and evil second female lead, as we have amazing four characters and super sweet girl-friend bonding, something that sadly is so rare in dramaland.

she was pretty ep1-1 she was pretty ep1-3

Hwang Jung Eum’s character Hye-Jin makes you want to root for her getting her happy-ending, she is a klutz and good-hearted ugly duck, who strives to find a job and not be discouraged from her current prediction. Park Seo Joon‘s Sung-Joon will make your heart swell with his touching childhood story and his sweetness, searching for his childhood friend/love all this years.

she was pretty ep1-0 she was pretty ep1-4

The second leads are also sweet and adorable. Siwon as Shin-Hyuk gets you with his funny and goofy side, and you can tell he is going to be great support for our ugly duck, while making us laugh. I absolutely adore the second female lead Ha-Ri played by Go Joon Hee, she is sweet, a little conceit, but with a big heart and a true friend; and hopefully she will remain so awesome.

This episode introduces the four characters in the present and also gives us the fateful meeting of the two childhood friends, a meeting that will spin the wheels as the core of this story development.  The characters past is cleverly intertwined through flashbacks with the happening at the present. Hye-Jin’s decision to ask her best friend Ha-Ri to pretend to be her, would surely create very complicated, but absolutely funny situations between the four leads. But as fate would have it, Sung Joon and Hye Jin end up working in the same team in The Most Editing team in the company. It would be interesting to see their interactions before her true identity is discovered.

she was pretty ep2-1

In the next episode, our ugly duck will finally come face to face with Sung Joon. I am anticipating to see how all the leads relationships will form and develop, and how the girls’ will work outthe complications that will follow.

“She Was Pretty” Episode 2 Video Preview:


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