GARY releases beautiful solo track ‘GET SOME AIR’ MV

GARY-Get Some Air (2002 solo-album)

Leessang‘s Gary released a solo track ‘GET SOME AIR’ featuring singer Miwoo.

‘GET SOME AIR’ is a sentimental track from his full-length solo album “2002”. Produced by up-and-coming composer team Groovy Room, the track fuses Miwoo’s soulful vocals and Gary’s emotional rap, making the mellow emotional track beautiful. Gary also heats things up with his rap in sensual track ‘JOA‘ MV featuring Jay Park.

In a message to fans GARY shares that he made the album with the mindset that listeners shout interpret the tracks as they wished, and has used for inspiration a line from the track “RAP (Feat. DJ Pumkin)” that goes “No matter how hard music is, you can’t quit so easily”.

The whole ‘2002’ album is awesome and I fell in love with all the mellow tracks: 3. 엉덩이 (Feat. Jay Park), 4. 랩해 (Feat. DJ Pumkin), 5. GET SOME AIR (Feat. MIWOO), 7. 뚝방의 꿈 (Feat. 존 박).

Check out the MVs below.


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