‘Sassy Go Go’ melts hearts with new stills and 3rd teaser


Upcoming KBS Mon-Tue drama “Sassy Go Go” releases adorable drama stills of all the leads and their friendship, as well as cheerful third teaser.

The high school cheerleader drama sweetly explore friendship and teens interactions. The drama stills show the adorable bromance between Lee Won Geun and Ji Soo, the interesting dynamics in the girls Jung Eun Ji and Chae Soo Bin‘s friendship, while the teaser highlights the fun interactions and rivalry between the two groups of the high achievers and the problematic kids.

The story focuses on the school life in a top-notch academically driven school where achievement is pressured on the students to the point of being suffocated, and the idea comes to create a cheerleading club to give a breath of fresh air and positive experience.

“Sassy Go Go” premieres on Ocotber 5th on KBS2.

“Sassy Go Go” 3rd teaser:

“Sassy Go Go” drama stills:

Sassy Go Go stills 0 Sassy Go Go stills 1 Sassy Go Go stills 2ji-soo-in-teaser-photos-for-sassy-go-go Sassy Go Go stills 3


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