‘Six Flying Dragons’ to begin with a 70-minute Special


Korean drama ‘Six Flying Dragons” begins on October 5 with a special 70-minute episode, that will explore the historical background of the real-life characters and give a peek at how the drama was made.

In the special episode, popular history lecturer Seol Min Suk will offer an insight into the story behind the drama, and explain the historical background of the six “dragon” characters and the circumstances they had to face. This will give the viewers the knowledge to clearly grasp the drama.

NOTE: Below is the historical background of the story and characters, be aware that the information may contain SPOILERS for the drama!

The origin (historical background) of “Six Flying Dragons”:

The “Six Dragons” characters are: Lee Seong-Gye/King Taejo, minister Jeong Do Jeon, Prince Lee Bang-Won, warrior Ddang-Sae, Boon-Yi (fictional character) and royal bodyguard Mu-Hyul.

Chun Ho Jin plays King Taejo. Taejo was an ambitious man, he joined the Goreyo army and became powerful, finally seizing the throne in 1392.
Yoo Ah In plays Prince Lee Bang Won. He was the fifth son of King Taejo and in 1392 he helped his father establish a new dynasty by assassinating powerful officials who were loyal to the Goryeo Dynasty. For his efforts the prince expected that his father would appoint him the next king, but his father and Prime Minister Jeong Do Jeon wanted Taejo’s eighth son, Lee Bang Won’s half-brother Lee Bang Suk, to be crown prince.
Kim Myung Min plays Prime minister Jeong Do Jeon. The prime minister did not favor the prince because the prince wanted absolute power for the throne and he thought it would be best if the ministers had more say in the government.
The prince retaliated by killing Jeong Do Jeon and his half-brother, the crown prince. Horrified by the violence this caused, King Taejo abdicated, naming yet another of Lee Bang Won’s brothers as king, but Taejong refused to surrender the royal seal.
And that’s just the beginning of the story. King Taejong continued to crush opposition throughout his reign and ruled behind the scenes even after he abdicated.
Shin Se Kyung will play the fictional character Boon Yi, the woman who Prince Lee Bang Won loves and the sister of warrior Ddang-Sae, who is the Prime minister Jeong Do Jeon’s bodyguard.

Lee Bang Won & Boon Yi Relationship:

“Six Flying Dragons” is a prequel to the drama “Tree With Deep Roots“, which tells the story of Taejong’s son King Sejong.


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