Winners from the ‘2015 Korea Drama Awards’


The ‘2015 Korea Drama Awards‘ that took place on October 1, gives us a review of Korea’s hottest dramas and stars for the past year.

Truthfully, the awards had lost heir legitimacy as a reliable indicator of merit a long time ago, and by seeing the winners list you can understand why many have started to consider it more as a popularity contest, than acting worthy award.

Kim Soo Hyun winning the Grand Prize Daesang for his role in “Producer” over Ji Sung who had career breakthrough brilliant performance in “Kill He Heal Me“, and over acclaimed veteran Yoo Dong Geun in drama “What’s With My Family” which was the biggest ratings hit in 2014, just makes you wonder how the awards were judged. “Misaeng” winning the Best Drama award is one of the rare hits where no one will want to argue about.

Check out the full list of nominees and winners below.

Grand Prize (Daesang)
What’s With My Family – Yoo Dong Geun
Kill Me Heal Me – Ji Sung
Yongpal – Joo Won
Hwajung – Cha Seung Won
Producer – Kim Soo Hyun

2015 Korea Drama Awards Kim Soo Hyun

Best Drama
Kill Me, Heal Me
Heard It Through the Grapevine

Best Screenwriter
I Remember You – Kwon Ki Yung
Yoona’s Street – Kim Woon Kyung
Yongpal – Jang Hyuk Rin
Misaeng – Jung Yoon Jung
Maids – Jo Hyun Kyung

Best Director
Misaeng – Kim Won Seok
Kill Me Heal Me – Kim Jin Man
Heard It Through the Grapevine – Ahn Pan Seok
Maids – Jo Hyun Tak
Producers – Pyo Min Soo and Seo Soo Min

Top Excellence Award, Actor
The Girl Who Sees Smells – Park Yoochun
Bad Guys – Park Hae Jin
Pinocchio – Lee Jong Seok
Misaeng – Im Siwan
Heard It Through the Grapevine – Yoo Joon Sang

2015 Korea Drama Awards Lee Jong Seok

Top Excellence Award, Actress
Yongpal – Kim Tae Hee
Angry Mom – Kim Hee Sun
Pinocchio – Park Shin Hye
I Remember You – Jang Nara
Kill Me, Heal Me – Hwang Jun Eum

2015 Korea Drama Awards Kim Tae Hee

Excellence Award, Actor
Misaeng – Kim Dae Myeong
Hwajung – Seo Kang Joon
I Remember You – Seo In Guk
Heard It Through the Grapevine – Lee Joon
Oh My Ghostess – Jo Jung Seok

2015 Korea Drama Awards Lee Joon

Excellence Award, Actress
My Love Eun Dong – Kim Sa Rang
Let’s Eat 2 – Seo Hyun Jin
Producer – IU
High Society – UEE
My Spring Days – Choi Sooyoung

2015 Korea Drama Awards Choi Soyoung

Best New Actor:

Chanyeol (web drama EXO Next Door)

2015 Korea Drama Awards Chanyeol

Best New Actress:

Lim Ji Yeon (SBS High Society)

2015 Korea Drama Awards Lim Ji Yeon

Special Jury Award:

Im Siwan (tvN Misaeng)

2015 Korea Drama Awards Im Siwan

Star Award:

Kim So Hyun (KBS2 Who Are You: School 2015)

2015 Korea Drama Awards Kim So Hyun

Korean Drama Award:

Park Hae Jin (OCN Bad Guys)

2015 Korea Drama Awards Park Hae Jin

Hallyu Hot Star:

 Kim Soo Hyun (KBS2 Producer), Chanyeol (web drama EXO Next Door)


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