HIGHGRND unveils the artists for track ‘PARASHUTE’ with first teasers


Tablo‘s label HIGHGRND is preparing to promote its first artists with the release of video teasers for the track “PARACHUTE”.

HIGHGRND revealed thought three teasers the three artist that will feature in the first official track “PARACHUTE”. The first artists is revealed to be Oh Hyuk from indie band Hyukoh who rose to popularity over summer, the second artists is the talented and popular rapper Dok2, and the last artist to join them is revealed to be Code Kunst. The teasers also show the smooth and chill vibe of the track.

“PARACHUTE” will be released on October 21.

“PARACHUTE” Teaser 1 (Oh Hyuk):

“PARACHUTE” Teaser 2 (Dok2):

“PARACHUTE” Teaser 3 (Code Kunst):

Code Kunst – “PARACHUTE” (feat. Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk and Dok2) Teaser:


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