B.A.P teases with tracks from upcoming album ‘MATRIX’

BAP Matrix

B.A.P teases for their upcoming long-awaited 4th mini album “MATRIX” with Matoki image and audio preview of their new tracks.

Heightening the anticipation for it, each of the members are releasing audio teasers of the album tracks. The 4th mini album “MATRIX” is produced by leader Bang Yong Guk, ‘MATRIX’ means “the ‘base’ where an individual or society can grow from”.

Check them out below.

First teaser comes from Bang Yong Guk for the title track “Young, Wild, ‘N Free“. The track is powerful, fierce, with a sick instrumental and his deep vocals.

The next audio teaser comes from Jongup, for an upbeat track “Be Happy“.

Youngjae is the next to release a teaser for a sweet, midtempo track “Take You There“.

Zelo teases for the next track “Blind“, which has the signature tough B.A.P sound with a mellow vibe.

Himchan introduces intro track “Monologue“, with a simple narration and a string instrumental that adds weight to it.

Daehyun is the last of the lineup of teasers, showing more of the track introduced by Youngjae, “Take You There”.


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