B.A.P drops dark and intense individual teasers for ‘Matrix’

B.A.P MATRIX teasers

B.A.P are returning more powerful than ever with strong individual video teasers and images for their upcoming album ‘MATRIX‘.

The members’ individual teasers have an intense, dark concept showing their brooding and masculine side, accompanied by intense, heavy instrumental sounds background. The concept becomes even more powerful with the meaningful quotes beside each image.

Check them out below.

Bang Yong Guk – “Youth; Let’s become a realist, but let’s have impossible dreams.” 


Jongup – “Youth is a time when you can look at both your dreams and reality.


Youngjae – “Even though it’s difficult and I’m afraid, I keep going with the excuse that we’re in our youth.”


Zelo – “Our youth is opportunity’s continuity.”


Himchan – “I hope that those who write that it’s a choice, but read that it’s youth, always remain beautiful.”


Daehyun – “Our many memories will become youth.”


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