‘Moorim School’ unveils its young cast in characters descriptions and stills

Moorim_School-character stills

Upcoming KBS drama “Moorim School”, starring Lee Hyun Woo, Seo Ye Ji, VIXX‘s Hong Bin and Jung Yoo Jin, dropped stills of all characters.

The stills reveal the students joining the four leads, ex-U-KISS member Alexander, POP (from Thailand), Han Geun Sub and Park Sin Woo, Z.Hera and Shannon. The production also revealed the character description introducing the characters.<!–more–>

Lee Hyun-Woo plays Shi-Woo, a hot top idol, who doesn’t have any friends because of his cold attitude. VIXX‘s Hong Bin plays Chi-Ang, the son of the largest Chinese corporation and Shi-Woo’s immature troublemaker roommate.

Alexander plays Yub Jung, a cold guy who’s priority is to be N.1, while POP plays the Thai student Nadet, who excels at science. Han Geun-Sub plays Choi Ho, who attends Moorim School to become a master of the martial arts, because he was bullied in his past. Park Sin-Woo plays Sang-Man, who hopes to get a better job attending Moorim School. Han Jong-Young plays Dong-Goo, who excells at fencing.

Seo Ye Ji plays leading lady Soon-Duk, who secretly attends Moorim School, while Jung Yoo Jin plays Sun-A, the school chancellor’s daughter with mysterious past.

“Moorim School” first airs January 11, 2016 

Moorim School-girls stillsMoorim School-VIXX Hong Bin stills


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