Best Korean Dramas of 2015

header best korean dramas of 2015

It’s the end of the year, so its time to review the best dramas of 2015.

The year produced a large variety of drama themes, and quite a few stand out, winning the viewers hearts with its perfect execution, directing, writing and outstanding performance leading to a few big breakout stars.

The list below is (my) TOP 10 Best Korean Dramas of 2015:

Reply 1988

Reply 1988 Official poster

This drama is outstanding, which is why is on top of my list. The story is very well written and incredibly touching, with high quality directing and outstanding cast performance. The drama brings deep nostalgic feelings of the 80s, and moves with its story of youth, love, friendship and familial love. Breakout stars, that captured the viewers hearts are Ryo Jun Yeol, Ryo Hye Young and Park Bo Geum, while Girl’s Day Hyeri really surprised and impressed with her performance.

Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me Heal Me Poster

The drama shaked dramaland at the beginning of 2015. Exploring a dark theme of child abuse and psychological disorder, the drama perfectly combined the serious theme with comedy, and managed to move viewers hearts. With his outstanding performance playing a person with 7 different personalities, Ji Sung is the biggest breakout star of the year.


punch cover

The drama was a roller-coaster of intensity, intrigue and suspense. “Punch” was a drama with strong impact, in which plot and execution were amazing, fast-developing and always keeping you on your toes. Kim Rae Won was absolutely brilliant, with stellar performance.

Missing Noir M

missing noir m korean drama poster

There aren’t any other as brilliant and well written thriller dramas. “Missing Noir M” proved to be a slick and smartly-written crime drama, with strong deliverance, intriguing cases with suspenseful narrative that will keep you on your toes.

She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty poster 2

The drama was like a fresh air of well written romance comedy, driven by a heartfelt message. The story was fresh and sweet, and all the characters were really well written, with amazing directing. The drama lead to really strong waves of ‘second lead syndrome’ with Choi Siwon‘s outstanding (and goofy) performance.


the producer poster

“Producer” was a very ambiguous mix of drama/variety in direction, but besides its initial awkward slow start the drama really picked up and managed to steal viewers hearts. It was a fresh comedy introducing the behind the scenes producers world, as well as idols struggles. Kim So Hyun again stole hearts playing an innocent dork maknae producer.

My Beautiful Bride


This drama was beyond exiting, and will keep you on your toes from the first episode to the last. Greatly written and directed, with many intriguing twists where each revelation will make you fall in love again and again with the main male protagonist. Kim Moo Yul shined in his performance, creating the perfect intense character.

Angry Mom 


The drama was very well written, with great directing and amazing cast. The drama was a perfect balance between realism and drama, a serious social problem wrapped in an emotional story with plenty of comedy situations, and not to forget love, which was the driving force behind it. On of the biggest breakout stars of 2015 is Ji Soo, with his performance in “Angry Mom”.

Who Are You: School 2015

Who Are You School 2015 poster

Truthfully this drama didn’t manage to live up to the viewers expectations. The dramas focus on school bullying problems was put in the background and focused too much on the love triangle (quadrangle), which diminished the quality of the story. But the drama had a fresh feel to it, with Nam Joo Hyuk and Jo Soo Hyang stealing the spotlight, making their breakout.

Sassy Go Go

Sassy Go Go Official poster1

The drama is another school theme, but focusing not only on students struggles but their youth spirit. “Sassy Go Go” didn’t manage to make a strong impression as a whole, but it was fresh and sweet. Chae So Bin stole the spotlight from the leads, with her impressive performance, while Ji Soo once again stole the viewers hearts, as an abused student.


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