Hwang Jung Eum getting married in February

I don’t usually post about Korean celebrity relationships, since I value their work and consider their personal lives private, but I couldn’t stop myself as news hit that actress Hwang Jung Eum is getting married in February.

Just a few months after her break up with longtime boyfriend SG Wannabe singer Kim Yong Joon, and a month after news broke out that the actress is dating pro-golfer/businessman Lee Young Don, it’s been confirmed the couple is engaged.

Her agency C-JeS Entertainment released an official statement, stating, “Hwang Jung Eum fell for her groom-to-be because of his warm heart, his support for her during her busy activities and drama filming, and his strong faith in her. The two decided to be together for the rest of their lives.”

I really liked the “dream couple” that Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon were, being sweethearts for 9 years, so the wedding news with her new boyfriend feel way too soon, but you never know when you would meet “the right person” for you, so I will wish her happiness.

I realise that this is probably the most personal (opinion) post that I have ever written when sharing news, but I decided to try it on – New Year, new luck.


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