‘Reply 1988’ ep. 18 preview, time jump to 1994 with special cameo Jung Woo

Reply 1988 ep 18 preview

Reply 1988” is sadly nearing its end, and as predicted there was a time jump (ep. 17) leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next episode.

The drama is amazing and steady-going from the beginning, getting better and better with each new episode. Episode 17 blew everyone’s mind away with time jump to 1994, and the tension rooting team Taek or team Jung Hwan is reaching its peak. The video preview for episode 18 is bringing even more excitement and with the special cameo of “Reply 1994” star Jung Woo (Trash).

“Reply 1988” ep. 18 preview:

Written ep. 18 preview summary:

“1994. In celebration of Taek’s birthday the friends have gathered together in one place for the first time in a long time.

Goodbye, my first love.

My feelings for her that I coudn’t let go for several years, I think I should now let go.”


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