‘Reply 1988’s Ryu Jun Yeol to join movie ‘Taxi Driver’

‘Reply 1988‘s star Ryu Jun Yeol is up to star in the upcoming movie “Taxi Driver“.

The movie is the latest project from director Jang Hoon, who did “The Front Line“. Set in Gwangju in 1980, the movie will depict the story of a taxi driver and his trip to Gwangju, hinting at the possibility of the story to resolve during the Gwangju Massacre.

Ryu Jun Yeol will be joining veterans Song Kang Ho (“Sado”) and Yoo Hae Jin (“Veteran”). Song Kang Ho will play the taxi driver, Yoo Hae Jin is up for an unspecied role, and Ryu Jun Yeol has been offered to play a college student (possibly a student protester).

During Gwangju’s massacre in 1980 college student protesters were beaten and killed for opposing a dictatorial government.

“Taxi Driver” plans to film this year and doesn’t have a release date yet.


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