‘Signal’ review: amazing story and unforgettable characters


tvN’s thriller drama “Signal” has absolutely blew my mind away. The drama left strong impressions with great story development, amazing characters and the brilliant performance of the three leads Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hye Soo and Cho Jin Woong.

The story follows a detective from the present and a detective from the past, who’s fate is intertwined by communicating with a walkie-talkie trying to solve a long-time usolved case. This allows for some unexpected twists down the road, but at the same time the idea behind it, ‘being able to turn back time and do things right again’, has a very strong allure.

The story is perfectly developed and paced from beginning till end, but it is truly the characters that make this story so unforgettable and leave the deepest impression. You can’t help but love Park Hae Young, a man whose past left him scars and the desire to uncover the truth, and Lee Jae Han, a detective with strong convictions and unstoppable desire to bring justice, and last but not least Cha Soo Hyun, a tough femalendetective who will become the link between the past and present.

The actors brilliant performance brought these characters to life. The drama’s OST is another amazing aspect of the drama, portraying perfectly the feel and vibe of the story.

This is definitely a drama I recommend to be watched. (10\10)

The possibility of “Signal 2” was inquired, and I am personally both thrilled at the possibility but also sharing the opinion of the PD of being afraid that the next season could take away the lingering effects the first left, not living up to it.



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