Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won are a sweet couple in pictorial for ‘Grazia’

jin goo and kim ji won grazia

Descendants of The Sun“s second OTP, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won, show their strong chemistry in April’s edition of ‘Grazia‘.

The onscreen couple posed in a sweet pictorial for the latest issue of ‘Grazia’. The couple is receiving almost as much love as the drama’s leads, drawing viewers love with their strong characters and sweet onscreen love story, highlighted by their great chemistry.

In an interview for ‘Grazia’ Jin Goo was asked about his passionate yet secretive romance in the drama, and he shared, “There aren’t many scenes where I am kind and loving to Yoon Myung Joo. I think that’s why more of the romance illuminates from my body language.”

Kim Ji Won was asked about her role and the using military speak, and the actress revealed, “I usually speak the way I do in the drama. My dad was very strict ever since I was little, so I am used to speaking that way.The military uniform is so comfy that sometimes I wore it home after shooting.” 

Check the pictorial below and enjoy their sweet chemistry in the new episodes.

jin goo and kim ji won grazia (1)jin goo and kim ji won grazia (2)kim ji won grazia


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