Lee Chung Ah and Taecyeon in talks for ‘Lucky Romance’


Upcoming MBC webtoon drama adaptation “Lucky Romance” recently confirmed main leads Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol, and is now in talks with Lee Chung Ah and 2PM‘s Taecyeon to round out the second leads cast.

Lee Chung Ah is offered to play a sports agent, head of Korean branch of global company, who has unrequited love for Ryu Jun Yeol’s character, while Taecyeon is offered to play an athlete, who falls in love with Hwang Jung Eum’s character.

The webtoon story is about a woman obsessed with luck, who is told by a fortune teller that if she doesn’t have a one-night stand with a male virgin born in the year of tiger, she will die. This happens to be her landlord, an uptight penny-pincher who refuses to spend money on romance and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Despite their mutual distate for each other, she tries to get him to sleep with her and her desperation leads to a lot of hilarious situations and romance.


“Lucky Romance” will premiere at the beginning of May, taking over the Wednesday and Thursday slot following “Goodbye Mr. Black“.


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