Thriller drama ‘Wanted’ drops character stills and ominous first teaser


Upcoming SBS thriller drama “Wanted“, starring Kim Ah Joong, Ji Hyun Woo and Uhm Tae Woong, released character stills and dark themed first teaser.

The teaser hints at a mysterious, sinister cat and mouse game, where a top actress has to do a twisted reality show and carry out missions, in order to save her son. The drama also released character stills introducing the three main characters – a desperate mother/top actress, a hot-blooded detective and a genius PD, who will team up to catch the mysterious kidnapper.

Character stills and description:

Wanted stills (1)

Kim Ah Joong plays a top actress, who’s much beloved by the audience and always brings top ratings in the box office. But on the cusp of her retirement announcement her son is kidnapped, and at the kidnappers demands she is forced to do a television reality show and completes a series of missions.

Wanted stills (2)

Ji Hyun Woo, plays the hot-blooded detective, who gives his all when investigating cases. He has a solid track record of 90 percent arrest rate, but is the type who can’t let the other 10 percent go and keeps at it. When his latest case gets connected with the kidnapper of Kim Ah Joong’s son, he sets out to help her find and save him.

Wanted stills (3)

Uhm Tae Woong plays a brilliant broadcast PD, who is focused and meticulous, but his attitude and string of successes has earned him a reputation as both a genius and a snob. He will help Kim Ah Joong’s character to create the reality TV show and carry out the crazy missions she’s given by the kidnapper.

Wanted” will premiere on June 22.


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