‘Show Me The Money 5’ Team AOMG’s 1st track gets an all-kill on charts

SMTM 5 Team AOMG.jpg

Show Me The Money 5” tracks reign on music charts right after release.

The 4 teams of ‘Show Me The Money 5’, team YG‘s Zion.T and Kush, team AOMG‘s Simon D and GRAY, team Illionaire‘s Dok2 and The Quiett, and team Gil and Mad Clown, carried out their 1st team track mission, releasing online all 4 tracks.

All tracks got in top 5 but team AOMG’s rappers One, G2, and Bewhy track  “I’m Not The Person You Used To Know” topped all Korean music charts on #1 spot.

Check the tracks and teams performances below.

Team AOMG: One, G2, BeWhy, DayDay

Team YG: C Jamm, Reddy, KillahGramz, Xitsuh

Team Illionaire: Flowsik, Myundo, Superbee, Kim Hyo Eun

Team Gill & Mad Clown: Sanchez, Boi B, Donutman, # gun


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