Action political thriller ‘The K2’ releases intense dark official drama posters


TvN’s upcoming drama “The K2” starring Ji Chang Wook, Song Yoon Ah, SNSD‘s YoonA, and Jo Sung Ha, releases dark official drama posters.

The released posters for the political thriller “The K2” hint of the dramas’ dark intensity, as four strong personalities get entangled in the South Korean presidential election fight. The story follows a former soldier who becomes a bodyguard for the ambitious, ruthless wife of a presidential candidate, and thus getting in the centre of the complicated family struggle for power, who’s trying to hide the existence of an illegitimate daughter.


Ji Chang Wook, plays a former soldier turned mercenary bodyguard, while YoonA plays the illegitimate daughter of a presidential candidate. The poster reads, “There’s something that I want to protect.”


Song Yoon Ah plays an ambitious, ruthless woman who will stop at nothing to become the First Lady, and Jo Sung Ha plays her husband, the presidential candidate.

“The K2” will air on TvN starting September 23rd.




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