OCN brings the suspense with upcoming clone thriller ‘Duel’

Duel (2017) poster

Upcoming sci-fi thriller “Duel” sets up the intense mood with newly released official posters. The drama comes from cable network OCN, which has established itself on the market as producing the best dark, slick crime thrillers.

“Duel” is a human clone drama that follows a veteran detective cop, whose daughter is kidnapped, chasing down the suspect using the one clue he has: two men with the same face were at the crime scene. And so the thrilling face off begins. The posters exude intensity showing a nice comparison between the two clones, one good and one evil.

The drama stars veteran actor Jung Jae Young as the hardened detective struggling to find his daughter, actress Kim Jung Eun as an ambitious emotionless prosecutor, actress Seo Eun Soo, who’s playing a medical journalist, and newbie actor Yang Se Jong as the two cloned men who are divided between good and evil.

OCN’s clone thriller “Duel” will begin airing on June 3, following “Tunnel“.

Duel (2017) poster 2


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