‘Duel’ brings a thrilling clones face-off in new teasers

Duel teaser (1)Duel teaser (2)

OCN never disappoints when it comes to its thrillers. Upcoming OCN sci-fi thriller “Duel” released first teasers, setting the mood for the chilling clones face-off and thrill chase, bringing my anticipation to the highest.

The two teasers give a glimpse of the two main conflicts that will unfold in the drama. The first shows the good and evil clones (both played by Yang Se Jong), facing off against each other, introducing them to us with the narration of the evil “I’ve decided to become the devil. For my revenge. For my survival.” and the good “The man with my face made me a murderer.”

The second teaser introduces the veteran detective (Jung Jae Young) in search of his daughter, who will set on a thrilling hunt for the suspect with the one clue he has: two men with the same face were at the scene his daughter disappeared, and the determination “Until I find my daughter, even if you want to die, I won’t let you.”.

“Duel” is shaping out to be intense, dark and beyond thrilling. The drama will premiere on June 3, airing on Saturday-Sunday’s time slot following “Tunnel“.


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