Chase thriller ‘Duel’ brings clones battle and intense hunt in official long trailer

Duel teaser

OCN‘s chase thriller “Duel” releases a long trailer, along with character posters and stills, continuing to build up the suspense. The dark thriller portrays the battle between two clones, one good and one evil, and one detective’s relentless chase of them, as they are the key to solving his daughter’s kidnapping case.

The drama released an intense long trailer, giving a glimpse of the suspense and thrilling chase, while the character posters introduce the main characters and their agendas.

Duel character posters

Jung Jae Young, playing the veteran detective Jang Deuk-Cheon, poster reads, “Until I find my daughter, you can’t die, even if you want to.” , while Kim Jung Eun, as the conniving ambitious prosecutor Choi Jo-Hye, poster reads, “I will do anything to keep my position as prosecutor.” Yang Se Jong portrays the two clones, one good and the other evil . The poster of the good clone, Lee Sung-Joon, reads, “Someone who looks just like me made me a murderer,” and the evil clone Lee Sung-Hoon’s reads, “I decided to be evil. To get revenge, to live.”

“Duel” will premiere on June 3, following the very acclaimed drama “Tunnel“.

Duel (2017) stills (1)Duel (2017) stills (2)Duel (2017) stills (3)Duel (2017) stills (4)Duel (2017) stills (5)Duel (2017) poster (3).jpg


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