Kim Se Jung and Kim Jung Hyun up for drama ‘School 2017’

Gugudan‘s Kim Se Jung has been confirmed for the female lead role in “School 2017“, the new installment of the popular High School drama series.

The drama will decipher ‘real stories about school’, a coming-of-age story describing everyday school life experiences and students struggles, growing pains, friendships, love, and the pressure that Korean school ranking system sets on them.

“School 2017” would be Kim Se Jung’s drama debut and she will be taking on the role of Ran Eun Ho, a cheerful student who maintains a good rank score dreaming of becoming a webtoon artist, until she ends up on the wrong place at the wrong time and gets marked as a delinquent student. Can’t wait!

Rookie actor Kim Jung Hyun, who captured people’s attention in “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People“, has been offered the male lead role and is said to be considering it.

“School 2017” is set to air in July on KBS, after “Third Rate My Way”.


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