‘Produce 101 Season 2’ third round of eliminations with surprising twists in the rankings

Produce 101 Season 2 Park Ji Hoon and Kang Daniel

Produce 101 Season 2” revealed rankings of the third eliminations round.

On the June 9 broadcast, Mnet revealed the 20 trainees who survived for the final round. After last week’s concept evaluation performances the Top 11 has shifted slightly, shocking netizens with some unexpected twists.

Main pretenders for #1 spot became Park Ji Hoon and Kang Daniel. Ultimately Kang Daniel won after he mesmerized netizens with his devilish handsome looks and fierce sexy performance during the concept evaluation, taking the most votes. But the biggest surprise was Lai Guan Lin, who ranked #2 in last week’s evaluation, but this time barely made the cut at last place #20.

Produce 101 Season 2 Kang Daniel

The Top 11 (from ep.10)

11th: Hwang Min Hyun
10th: Lee Dae Hwi
9th: Yoon Ji Sung
8th: Ong Sung Woo
7th: Kim Jong Hyun
6th: Park Woo Jin
5th: Samuel Kim
4th Bae Jin Young
3rd: Ha Sung Woon
2nd: Park Ji Hoon
1st: Kang Daniel

The popular idol competition program is coming to an end, with the final live broadcast on June 16, where the final top 11 will be decided.



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