Awkward moments and confessions in ‘Fight For My Way’ episodes 7 & 8

Fight for My Way episode 8

Fight for My Way” episodes 7 and 8 finally set the trajectory of change for the relationship between best friends Dong-Man and Ae-Ra.

The drama continues to build up on the story and its characters, and the explosive chemistry between Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won. We finally see the things between our cute best friends changing, with Dong-Man acting all crazy about Ae-Ra being on a date with another guy and, especially, after Ae Ra’s sudden confession, “My heart flutters”, at the end of episode 7.

Fight for My Way episode 8 (1)

It is so adorable to see Dong-Man and Ae-Ra act so painfully awkward around each other now, because of their refusal to admit their feelings, even though it’s getting harder for them to hide it. Dong-Man completely melted my heart and made me swoon, in the way he knew Ae-Ra was in the audience to support him during his fight, even after she told him she would never watch him fight again, and when he went straight to her to reassure her he is okay.

The ending is like a climax for Ae-Ra and Dong-Man’s relationship, and hopefully his declaration “I’m in trouble. Now you’re pretty even when you cry” means he finally recognises his feelings for her. Their dynamic has always been so combative so I am really curious to see how they adjust to this new phase.

Fight For My Way episode 8 preview

It’s so cute to see them always protect one another. Dong-Man x Ae-Ra fighting!

“Fight for My Way” episode 8 ending scene:


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