‘Fight For My Way’ releases preview for episode 9

Fight For My Way episode 9 preview

After the heart fluttering ending in episode 8, “Fight For My Way” released the much anticipated episode 9 preview.

The preview gives us a sneak peak at the progress of our cute couple Dong Man and Ae Ra. Where are they sneaking off to? It seems Hye Ran still tries to be a bother, but thankfully her attitude gives Ae Ra motivation to not back down and pursue her dream.

“Fight For My Way” episode 9 preview:

DM: Ae Ra. What should I get for Ae Ra? 
SH: Don’t you have anything for Ae Ra?
DM: There has to be something to buy (for her).
AR: Did anyone ask you to buy me something?!
DM: Ouch!
DM: Special Super-Rookie?
Man: I know the strength of your fist…What is Ae Ra doing these days?
SH: Those two… are they causing trouble?
HR: Ae Ra, do you really think you’re going to make it?
AR: Looking at you, I think I’ll make it.
HR: You want to go up against me, your role model? You need to get the job first before speaking.
AR: Let’s compete properly for once. You just wait.


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