T-ara’s Hyomin reveals the secret to her mannequin legs


T-ara‘s Hyomin appeared on Mnet‘s ‘Heart a Tag‘ to share her own beauty tips.

Hyomin is known for her slim figure and mannequin-like legs, and she finally shared that one of her secrets to maintaining it is – beer bath. Beer bath helps detox your skin, remove any swollen spots and improve the look of the legs. Continue reading

K-Pop Idols Beauty Tips

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More of the shared little tips of K-Pop idols on how they keep their skin perfect. Normally we always wonder how the celebrities have such healthy and clean skin despite their hectic lifestyle. But no matter their busy schedule the idols always find time to care for their skin.

You can find that some of the tricks are fairly simple and easy, and it’s probably the reason if we’ve heard them before we haven’t taken it seriously. Continue reading

100 Years of Beauty: How Korean standards of beauty changed through 100 years

The Cut Beauty trends 100 years

We’re pretty familiar with Korean fashion trends now, but what were Korea’s beauty standards in the past? In the latest video series of “100 Years of Beauty”, The Cut features South and North Korea and the differences in beauty standards between the two nations.

In the video you can see how hairstyles and makeup trends have changed in the span of 100 years, from the 1910’s to the 2010’s, shown by model Tiffany Lee. Continue reading

K-Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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We all have our favorite celebrities that we admire and adore. For them to be on top of their game they need to also put a lot of effort in their health, looks and body shape. I love it when they share their little secret tips for maintaining their fresh looks. Here I collected some of the top Korean celebrities’ beauty tips to share with you.

Beauty Tips from: Continue reading