‘Attack on Titan’ web dorama releases first intriguing teaser

Attack on Titan web dorama poster

Beside the high anticipation of the live-action movie ‘Attack on Titan‘, the production released an intriguing intense first teaser for the short web dorama ‘Attack on Titan: Beacon for Counterattack‘.

The apocalyptic adventure movie ‘Attack on Titan’ is an adaptation of the popular shonen manga. This weekend was released ‘Attack on Titan’ part 1, with part 2 coming next month. The web dorama will be released in between the two-parts movie to create additional foundation background. Continue reading

Upcoming ‘Attack on Titan’ live-action drama series

Attack on Titan Hans

With the huge popularity of manga ‘Attack on Titan’ and the current high anticipation for the Japanese live-action movie adaptation, fans are up for another good surprise getting a six-episode live-action J-drama series.

The drama will première in August at Docomo’s dTV video service. While the movie focuses on the epic battles, the series will tell a new story about the daily lives of the soldiers, friendships and rivalries. Ishihara Satomi‘s character Hans will be the the lead featuring movie characters Sasha (Sakuraba Nanami), Hiana (Misaki Ayame), Lil (Takeda Rina), Fukushi (Watanabe Shu), and a new character Isuzu (Hiraoka Yuta). Continue reading

Live-Action movie ‘Attack on Titan’ heightens anticipation with second trailer and poster

Attack on Titan poster

Live-action adaptation ‘Attack on Titan’ released second movie trailer that ups the intensity bringing more excitement.

The second teaser captures perfectly the apocalyptic feel of the story, its mythology and show us amazing special effects. Japan is not only creating the live-action adaptation, they are creating two movies simultaneously scheduled for release one after another this August and September 2015.  Continue reading

Japanese High School Drama


Japanese high school dramas are one of the best. Compared to the usual dark themes that you may notice in Japanese productions, the young school life dramas are very fun and refreshing. The stories not only focus on the students’ life, love and friendships but it also gives you a good view into the Japanese school life and culture.

The dramas have fun and interesting plots and  of course amazing young actors. Here is a list of must see, best high school Japanese dramas. Continue reading

Vampire Choi Jin Hyuk in trailer for ‘Vampire in Love’

Choi Jin Hyuk Vampire in love

Upcoming Japanese movie “Vampire in Love” starring Choi Jin Hyuk released its first movie trailer.

The movie is a supernatural romance that will presents a more innocent and sweet approach to the vampire myth. Choi Jin Hyuk portrays Mike, the right hand man of the vampire boss Derek (Ekin Cheng). This will be Choi Jin Hyuk’s final project prior to his military enlistment on 31 March. Continue reading



2015 offers quite a bit of good Japanese movies to watch. As always the themes are dark but full of action to keep you on your toes. The first three movies are full of intense fighting action scenes packed with good plot story and amazing actors. I`ve never been that excited.

Below are the movie plots, cast, trailers and release dates. Enjoy! Continue reading

Japanese Dramas 2015 (January – March)

Header - J-Dramas 2015

I haven`t been interested in a Japanese Drama in a long time, but finally something caught my eye. The plot stories seem interesting and of course I wouldn’t miss checking the new drama with  Oguri Shun.

When it comes to J-Dramas there is this distinct style that is easy to pinpoint. While Korean dramas are romance happy and bubbly,  you can notice that Japanese dramas tend to have a darker style. This of course does not make them any less good. This dramas keep to that tradition and if you are a fan you may like what’s coming. Continue reading