Dong Man – Ae Ra romance heats up in ‘Fight For My Way’ episode 10 preview

Fight For My Way episode 10
Things are heating up in “Fight For My Way” episode 10 preview. It looks like one couple is gonna be in trouble while another couple ship may sail.

Did Ae Ra and Dong Man sleep together or not? Either way I think their reactions at the prospect would be hilarious, and we may finally see them be open about their feelings and take the next step past friendship. Continue reading

‘Fight For My Way’ releases preview for episode 9

Fight For My Way episode 9 preview

After the heart fluttering ending in episode 8, “Fight For My Way” released the much anticipated episode 9 preview.

The preview gives us a sneak peak at the progress of our cute couple Dong Man and Ae Ra. Where are they sneaking off to? It seems Hye Ran still tries to be a bother, but thankfully her attitude gives Ae Ra motivation to not back down and pursue her dream. Continue reading

Awkward moments and confessions in ‘Fight For My Way’ episodes 7 & 8

Fight for My Way episode 8

Fight for My Way” episodes 7 and 8 finally set the trajectory of change for the relationship between best friends Dong-Man and Ae-Ra.

The drama continues to build up on the story and its characters, and the explosive chemistry between Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won. We finally see the things between our cute best friends changing, with Dong-Man acting all crazy about Ae-Ra being on a date with another guy and, especially, after Ae Ra’s sudden confession, “My heart flutters”, at the end of episode 7. Continue reading

Jealousy brims in ‘Fight For My Way’ episode 7 preview

Fight For My Way episode 7 preview

The dynamics between best friends Dong Man and Ae Ra change in preview of episode 7 for “Fight For My Way“.

Will Dong Man finally express his feelings for Ae Ra? It seems he needs a little push coming in the form of jealousy to help him realise that his irritation at seeing Ae Ra with another guy is a sign of his growing feelings for her. Continue reading

Chase thriller ‘Duel’ brings clones battle and intense hunt in official long trailer

Duel teaser

OCN‘s chase thriller “Duel” releases a long trailer, along with character posters and stills, continuing to build up the suspense. The dark thriller portrays the battle between two clones, one good and one evil, and one detective’s relentless chase of them, as they are the key to solving his daughter’s kidnapping case.

The drama released an intense long trailer, giving a glimpse of the suspense and thrilling chase, while the character posters introduce the main characters and their agendas. Continue reading

‘Duel’ brings a thrilling clones face-off in new teasers

Duel teaser (1)Duel teaser (2)

OCN never disappoints when it comes to its thrillers. Upcoming OCN sci-fi thriller “Duel” released first teasers, setting the mood for the chilling clones face-off and thrill chase, bringing my anticipation to the highest.

The two teasers give a glimpse of the two main conflicts that will unfold in the drama. The first shows the good and evil clones (both played by Yang Se Jong), facing off against each other, introducing them to us with the narration of the evil “I’ve decided to become the devil. For my revenge. For my survival.” and the good “The man with my face made me a murderer.” Continue reading

OCN brings the suspense with upcoming clone thriller ‘Duel’

Duel (2017) poster

Upcoming sci-fi thriller “Duel” sets up the intense mood with newly released official posters. The drama comes from cable network OCN, which has established itself on the market as producing the best dark, slick crime thrillers.

“Duel” is a human clone drama that follows a veteran detective cop, whose daughter is kidnapped, chasing down the suspect using the one clue he has: two men with the same face were at the crime scene. And so the thrilling face off begins. The posters exude intensity showing a nice comparison between the two clones, one good and one evil. Continue reading

Kim Seul Gi makes a soju date cameo in next episode of ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’

Another exciting cameo will appear on MBC’s drama ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’, in none other than actress Kim Seul Gi.

The drama released stills of her cameo, with her character ending up on a soju date with Bok Joo’s funny uncle Dae-ho. This would be a fun reunion between Lee Seul Gi with her ‘Oh My Ghostess’ co-star Kang Ki Young.. Continue reading

Cohabitation fights ensue in ‘Hwarang’ episode 7 preview

Hwarang‘ teases for its next episode which is full with fun cohabitation banter, as well as the development of the love triangle between Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and Park Hyung Shik.

The preview for episode 7 gives us a glimpse at the fun that will ensue in putting handsome guys who hate each other in one room and forcing them to be roommates, in other words all guys are bunked up and all sorts of fights ensue. Continue reading

‘Goblin’ drops much anticipated preview for episode 9


After last weeks episode ending with no preview for this week fans of hit drama ‘Goblin‘ were left on edge for what will happen next. The production finally released preview for ep.9, and with it brought the anticipation for Friday’s episode even higher.

The preview is full with emotions, hinting that the next episode would probably be a turning point for the story and the OTP, the Goblin and Eun Tak. It also shows their love story getting more serious, moving away from their cute banter and developing deeper. Continue reading