Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Soo Kyung cast in legal thriller ‘Silent Witness’

Ryu Joon Yeol Lee Soo Kyung

Rising stars Ryu Jun yeol and Lee Soo Kyung join legal thriller “Silent Witness“, starring Choi Min Shik, Park Shin Hye and Park Hae Joon.

The movie is a remake of 2013 Chinese film “Silent Witness”, and is about the daughter of a finance magnate who gets embroiled in the murder case of her father’s fiancée, a famous singer. Continue reading

Kang Ha Neul offered a lead role in movie ‘Youth Cop’


Kang Ha Neul has been offered a lead role in new action film “Youth Cop“.

The movie resolves around two young aspiring police officers who become embroiled in a violet case that happens at their school. If Kang Ha Neul accepts, he will be a part of a police academy student duo with Park Seo Joon, who has already officially confirmed. Continue reading

Upcoming zombie attack movie ‘Train to Busan’ releases thrilling main trailer

Train to Busan

Korea’s 1st zombie attack movie “Train to Busan” revealed thrilling intense main trailer before premiere.

The trailer shows the passengers of a train from Seoul to Busan, starring Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Suk, Choi Woo Sik, Jung Yoo Mi, and Sohee, and their struggle to survive from the zombie apocalypse after a disastrous virus hits South Korea. Continue reading

K-Movie ‘The Truth Beneath’ releases dark intense trailer before premiere

The Truth Beneath poster

Upcoming political thriller “The Truth Beneath” (also known as “There Are No Secrets”), starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk, released dark, intense and intriguing trailer.

The trailer highlights the intensity of the story, following a politician’s wife, who after her daughter’s disappearance in the midst of her husbands campaign for the elections, goes alone to uncover the truth and discovers shocking facts. Continue reading

Yoo Seung Ho in upcoming Joseon swindler K-movie ‘Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River’


Yoo Seung Ho is returning with Joseon comedy heist movie “Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River“.

The story follows Yoo Seung Ho’s merry band of swindlers, famous nationwide for ripping the rich and powerful off. The team decides to pull off their biggest scheme yet, but for that they have to deceive the most powerful man Sung Dae-Ryeon (Cho Jae Hyun). Continue reading

‘With God’ confirms cast with Ha Jung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Jo Ji Hoon, Ma Dong Seok and D.O.

With God cast

Upcoming movie “With God” has confirmed cast with Ha Jung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Jo Ji Hoon, Ma Dong Seok and D.O.

The movie is based on a webtoon series “Singwa Hamgge” about death angels who escort deceased to the afterlife and should not interfere in human affairs during their 7 trials. Continue reading

Korean movie ‘Glory Day’ with EXO’s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo and Kim Hee Chan releases official trailer

Glory Day ( Korean movie) teaser

Upcoming 2016 Korean movie “Glory Day”, also known as “One Way Trip”, starring EXO‘s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo and Kim Hee Chan released official trailer.

The film is a ‘coming-of-age’ movie depicting four friends having the time of their life when an accident happens overnight and flips over the fate of the friends. Continue reading

‘Glory Day’starring EXO′s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo and Kim Hee Chan releases movie and character posters

Glory Day ( Korean movie) poster (1)

Korean movie “Glory Day“, starring EXO′s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo and Kim Hee Chan has released official movie poster.

The upcoming movie released also individual character posters of the four leads. Their serious expressions and the black and white style of the posters gives off the vibe of the impending dramatic and turbulent events that will shake their lives and friendship. Continue reading

‘Glory Day’ with EXO’s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo and Kim Hee Chan releases new stills

Glory Day still-cut (3)

Upcoming Korean movie ‘Glory Day’, with EXO‘s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo and Kim Hee Chan, released new stills.

The film brings a cast of four rising stars in a ‘coming-of-age’ movie which depict an overnight accident that influences four friends lives, facing a situation they cannot deal with. Continue reading

Romantic comedy movie “Like For Likes” with Yoo Ah In and Kang Ha Neul drops sweet first poster and teaser

Like For Likes (Korean Movie 2016)

Upcoming romantic comedy movie “Like For Likes” (or “Like Me“) takes romance on a whole new dimension – online, gearing up for its February premiere with poster and sweet first teaser.

The movie, with star-studded cast Yoo Ah In, Kang Ha Neul, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Mi Yeon, Kim Joo Hyuk and Esom, revolves around three couples who are connected through and addicted to their social media accounts, their love lives and how today you can discover love online. Continue reading