‘Story About: Some, One Month’ collaboration MV project starring Ji Soo and Kim Min Ji

Story About Some, One Month starring Ji Soo, Kim Min JiStory About: Some, One Month” is a collaboration music videos album project launched by CJ E&M featuring various artists Gugudan, 카더가든, Park Bo Ram, Hong Dae Kwang & Lovelyz’s Kei, Stella Jang & Kisum, and Roy Kim & Kim Sun Jae.

The ‘Story About: Some, One Month’ series, starring actor Ji Soo and actress Kim Min Ji, tells the story of a budding romance between a man and a woman, and illustrates the different aspects of relationships. Continue reading


BIGBANG releases ‘MADE’ album with new tracks ‘Last Dance’ and ‘FXXK IT’ MVs


BIGBANG‘s full-length album ‘MADE‘ is officially here with three new tracks ‘Last Dance‘, ‘FXXK IT‘ and ‘GIRLFRIEND‘.

‘Last Dance’ is a slow, sentimental song that reads like a love letter, probably with the hidden message for their fans “It won’t be long”, referring to their pending two-year military service. ‘FXXK IT’ is bouncy, electro-hip-hop with a catchy beat, highlighting their signature style. Continue reading

Soyu and JungGiGo release sweet collaboration track ‘Love Is One More Than Separation’


Soyu and JungGiGo return with another sweet collaboration track, ‘Love Is One More Than Separation‘.

The love song is perfect for the winter season, giving off warmth with their comforting sweet vocals on an soft acoustic guitar melody background. This is their second collaboration after their 2014 hit track “Some“. Continue reading

Urban Zakapa returns with new track ‘Thursday Night’

Urban Zakapa - Thursday Night (feat. Beenzino)

Urban Zakapa made their comeback with new track “Thursday Night” MV.

The track is soothing, piano-based melody that creates a feel-good vibe. Jo Hyun Ah‘s soothing voice, along with Park Yong In and Kwon Soon Il‘s serene vocals, and Beenzino‘s soft rap create the perfect song to relax with, after the end of a tough work day. Continue reading

NCT U debut with sleek electric single ‘The 7th Sense’ and track ‘Without You’

nct u

SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group NCT U deputed with sleek, eclectic single “The 7th Sense” MV.

The sensual track gets under your skin with its addicting bass trap beats and lyrics. NCT U’s members Taeyong, Jaehyun, Mark, Ten, and Doyoung also showed their vocal talents in second track “Without You“, as well as their sleek moves in performance MV of “The 7th Sense”. Continue reading