Bang Yong Guk drops fierce new track ‘Yamazaki’ MV

Bang Yong Guk releases fierce new solo track “Yamazaki“.

B.A.P.‘s leader returns with a powerful rap and evocative music video for “Yamazaki”, which was composed and produced by Bang Yong Guk himself. Continue reading


B.A.P teases with tracks from upcoming album ‘MATRIX’

BAP Matrix

B.A.P teases for their upcoming long-awaited 4th mini album “MATRIX” with Matoki image and audio preview of their new tracks.

Heightening the anticipation for it, each of the members are releasing audio teasers of the album tracks. The 4th mini album “MATRIX” is produced by leader Bang Yong Guk, ‘MATRIX’ means “the ‘base’ where an individual or society can grow from”. Continue reading

Bang Yong Guk brings tears with Powerful Lyrics and Soothing Rap in track AM 4:44

bang yong guk 4_44

For everyone who missed B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk, he returned dropping a new MV, as he promised. The track “AM 4:44” is a soothing song with his sweet, deep vocals and rapping that brings an emotional punch with each delivery.

The simple yet artistic black-and-white MV shows Bang Yong Guk’s silhouette as he raps’, highlighting his soothing voice and the powerful lyrics, which can bring tears in your eyes. You can hear Bang Yong Guk’s anger, sorrow, and pain. The quality of his track speaks for itself, as it brings the emotion even if you don’t understand what he’s saying. Continue reading