BIGBANG releases ‘MADE’ album with new tracks ‘Last Dance’ and ‘FXXK IT’ MVs


BIGBANG‘s full-length album ‘MADE‘ is officially here with three new tracks ‘Last Dance‘, ‘FXXK IT‘ and ‘GIRLFRIEND‘.

‘Last Dance’ is a slow, sentimental song that reads like a love letter, probably with the hidden message for their fans “It won’t be long”, referring to their pending two-year military service. ‘FXXK IT’ is bouncy, electro-hip-hop with a catchy beat, highlighting their signature style. Continue reading


BIGBANG released last tracks ‘Let’s Not Love’ and ‘Zutter’

BIGBANG part 'E' of MADE Series

BIGBANG returns with tracks ‘Let’s Not Love‘ and ‘Zutter‘, for part ‘E’ of the MADE Series.

The tracks are the last release from the MADE series, and were well worth the wait. ‘Let’s Not Love’ is an amazing sentimental track, while ‘Zutter’ (translated ‘Freaking Awesome’) marks GD&TOP sub-unit’s long-awaited comeback. Continue reading

BIGBANG steals your heart with tracks ‘If You’ and ‘Sober’


BIGBANG returned with tracks ‘If You’ and ‘Sober’ for part ‘D’ of the MADE Series.

BIGBANG doesn’t stop to amaze with every release, rocking the party in July with the upbeat track ‘Sober’, while also showing their softer side with the ballad ‘If You’, considered as one of BIGBANG’s strongest and saddest songs to date. Continue reading

KARA’s ‘Mamma Mia’ choreography fits perfectly ‘BANG BANG BANG’

Kara choreography

A recent amazing mashup video has gone viral.

A Youtuber mashed up BIGBANG‘s track ‘Bang Bang Bang’ with KARA‘s choreography dance video for ‘Mamma Mia’. Sped up to 105% the two pieces have blown viewers fitting perfectly with each other, making you think the dance was created for ‘Bang Bang Bang’. BIGBANG member Seungri seems to think the same, as he shared on Twitter: ‘KARA’s choreography for ‘Mamma Mia’ perfectly suits BIGBANG’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’, .. I think we should do the choreography’. Continue reading

BIGBANG releases epic trailer for “MADE” 2015 World Tour


On April 17th, BIGBANG dropped a jaw-dropping video trailer for their upcoming world tour ‘MADE’.

The trailer left fans even more eagerly awaiting their comeback. BIGBANG will be kicking off their world tour ‘MADE‘ in Seoul on April 25-26. With this high quality movie-like trailer they are promising a comeback to remember. Continue reading

BIGBANG returns with tracks ‘Loser’ and ‘Bae Bae’ with an absolute charts domination

BIGBANG - LoserBIGBANG is back! BIGBANG made their much anticipated comeback with tracks ‘Loser‘ and ‘Bae Bae‘.

Not even two hours after the tracks release, ‘Loser’ is dominating music charts achieving an all-kill status (topping all 10 major Korean music charts), with ‘Bae Bae’ right behind; while the MVs has surpassed 1.2 million views on YouTube. Continue reading

Hallyu Wave: The Most Popular K-Pop Boy Bands

header k-pop bands

One of the strongest aspects of Hallyu (Korean) Wave is K-Pop, a genre of popular music produced in South Korea. A unique characteristic of K-Pop is the creation of idol groups that companies launch after the members have passed numerous auditions and a rigorous training in dance, choreography, vocal training, etc.

You’ll also be surprised at the amazing fan club base (with its own fan club name and colour) that K-Pop groups have. The popularity of a group is decided by the fans, so here are the most popular K-Pop boy bands that you should know. Continue reading

BIGBANG’s comeback rising fervour among fans


BIGBANGs powerful influence in K-Pop and among fans is proven once again. Following the news of the group‘s impending comeback this April, their 4th mini-album ‘Tonight’ released in 2011 is seen raising at the top on Gaon Music Chart.

The top ranking albums in the chart have been released in the past month, but surprisingly #6 is taken by BIGBANGs old album. Upon its first release their 4th mini-album achieved an all-kill in Korean charts and was the first K-Pop album to reach the Top 10 on US iTunes chart. Their hit title track “Tonight” dominated the music charts. Continue reading



If you listen to K-Pop there is a band you should know for sure – BIGBANG.

Since their debut in 2006, BIGBANG managed to establish themselves as cultural icons. They are trendsetters of the Korean music scene, having considerable influence on both music and fashion alike. BIGBANG is also arguably the band with the most international recognition.  Continue reading