‘Missing 9’ releases intense and dramatic first teaser


Upcoming MBC thriller drama ‘Missing 9‘ released dramatic first teaser.

The drama is about a plane crash that turns the Entertainment industy and nine survivors that are stranded on a deserted island. The story is being told in a flashback with Baek Jin Hee as the only survivor to be found. Continue reading


The stranded survivors from ‘Missing 9’ revealed in new stills


MBC’s upcoming adventure drama ‘Missing 9‘, about nine survivors of a plane crash that turns the country upside down, released new still-cuts of the survivors.

The story follows a group of celebrities who get stranded on an uninhabited island when their flight crash-lands there, and their adventure for survival. The story would seem to be more focused on the situational comedy with also adding some romance in the mix.  Continue reading

‘So I Married an Anti Fan’ with Chanyeol and Yuan Shan Shan releases official trailer

So I Married an Anti Fan

Upcoming Chinese movie “So I Married an Anti Fan” starring EXO‘s Chanyeol and Chinese actress Yuan Shan Shan, released an official movie trailer.

The romantic comedy movie resolves around a reporter who follows around and catches hot star Chanyeol in a compromising situation with a trainee, guest appearance Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun. She becomes his anti-fan after finding out his diabolical temper, but things take turn for an unexpected love story. Continue reading

‘So I Married an Anti-Fan’ confirms leads Chanyeol, Yuan Shanshan and Seohyun

So I Married an Anti-Fan movie Chanyeol, Yuan Shanshan and Seohyun

Upcoming Korean-Chinese movie “So I Married an Anti-Fan” confirmed leads EXO‘s Chanyeol, Chinese actress Yuan Shanshan and Girl Generation‘s Seohyun.

“So I Married An Anti-Fan” is a movie based on a webtoon of the same name written by Jiwan. The story is about a celebrity falling in love with a journalist who is his anti-fan. Chanyeol plays the lead top star, opposite Chinese actress Yuan Shanshan who will plays the reporter/anti-fan he falls in love with; while Seohyun plays an idol trainee with a crush on the top star. Continue reading

Winners from the ‘2015 Korea Drama Awards’


The ‘2015 Korea Drama Awards‘ that took place on October 1, gives us a review of Korea’s hottest dramas and stars for the past year.

Truthfully, the awards had lost heir legitimacy as a reliable indicator of merit a long time ago, and by seeing the winners list you can understand why many have started to consider it more as a popularity contest, than acting worthy award. Continue reading